Subcommittee Bylaws


AASHTO Administrative Subcommittee on Personnel and Human Resources

The Subcommittee shall be known as the Administrative Subcommittee on Personnel and Human Resources, hereinafter called “SCOPHR.”

Mission Statement

SCOPHR is an active champion and promoter of HR best practices in support of talent management for State DOTs.



Ø  To strengthen the Human Resources practices of AASHTO member states

Ø  To be  the leading resource and internal consultant of first choice

Ø  To be pro-active in organizational issues

Ø  To network with AAASHTO member states and collaborate with other SCOFA/AASHTO committees

Ø  To serve as a clearinghouse for HR functions, information and best practices

Ø  To provide a viable website service with timely meaningful information, current member contacts and links to research projects



Membership in SCOPHR shall be open to Human Resource staff and Training and Development staff of AASHTO member states. All Member Departments may nominate up to two persons to serve on the committee, although only one vote per Member Department may be cast on voting matters. However, upon the request of a committee having members from all Member Departments, the President can permit up to three members from each Member Department if the President and the Executive Director deem it in the best interests of the Association, although only one vote per Member Department may be cast on voting matters.




The SCOPHR Steering Committee shall have the following officers: Chair; Vice Chair; Secretary; and Regional Representatives (4). An AASHTO Liaison is appointed by the AASHTO Executive Director to support the SCOPHR Steering Committee.  An FHWA HR representative will also serve on the Board to provide perspective on federal transportation challenges but shall not have voting rights

Duties of Officers

The Duties of the Officers of the SCOPHR Steering Committee shall be as follows:


(a) Chair – The Chair sets direction for the subcommittee, oversees the subcommittee activities, serves as liaison to AASHTO committees and represents the subcommittee to other external entities such as AASHTO SCOFA, NCHRP, TRB, and FHWA; presides at all meetings of the Steering Committee and SCOPHR and is responsible for calling all meetings for SCOPHR; acts as ex-officio member of all special committees or task forces; establishes Ad-hoc taskforces and appoints members; is responsible for taking action necessary to ensure SCOPHR achieves its objectives and performs all other duties as usually pertaining to such office.

(b) Vice Chair – The Vice Chair serves as the main assistant to the Chair and serves in the absence of the Chair; oversees projects or project subcommittees; presides at meetings in the absence of the Chair; researches and garners funding through grants or other venues to fund SCOPHR activities and member development; and assists the Chair in developing and conducting SCOPHR activities.

(c) Secretary – The Secretary administers and captures the minutes from each meeting; researches best practice initiatives; stays abreast of new project proposals from TRB in which SCOPHR may play a role; researches and recommends HR best practice strategies for SCOPHR steering committee consideration and inclusion into strategic plan; drafts and submits project requests to TRB; participates in strategic planning sessions; and performs other duties as assigned by the Chair.

(d) Regional Representative – The Regional Representatives serve as  members of the SCOPHR Steering Committee; serve as the main liaison from State DOT’s (SDOT) within the respective region to the Steering Committee; participate in strategic planning sessions; establish annual meeting agendas and solicit presentations from regional SDOT’s to ensure productive meetings that support the strategic direction; represent regional SDOT issues and needs to the Steering Committee at planning meetings; and other duties as may be appropriate.

 (e) AASHTO Liaison  – The Liaison makes reports to the membership; disseminates requests for HR information to SCOPHR members and synthesizes responses to survey requests; responds to correspondence and inquires of SCOPHR; develops and maintains the SCOPHR website; coordinates notice of annual meetings to the membership; and performs other duties as specified by the Chair.

(f.) FHWA HR Representative –The FHWA representative provides a vital perspective on HR challenges at the federal transportation level; serves as a liaison to communicate SCOPHR HR strategies and initiatives where appropriate; and may serve as an expert consultant to SCOPHR taskforces.


Office Positions and Terms of Office

Office positions are: 

·      Chair – 2 year initial term of office

·      Vice-chair – 2 year term of office

·      Secretary– 2 year term of office

·      Regional Representative – 2 year terms of office

The terms shall begin upon appointment to office.  


Term of Service:

The Chair and Vice Chair serve at the request of AASHTO with a two-year term limit and may be re-appointed by AASHTO if mutually desired. 



The Chair will appoint the Secretary and Regional Representatives, with recommendation provided by the Liaison and existing Subcommittee officers. 




SCOPHR shall meet each year. Notice of the meeting shall be prepared by the host state after review by the Steering Committee and sent out (by mail, fax or email) to SCOPHR members no less than 90 days prior to the meeting.  The SCOPHR Steering Committee may also meet as deemed necessary by the Chair to conduct the business of the committee.  No notice of Steering Committee business/planning meetings will be sent to the SCOPHR Subcommittee members.   Minutes of the annual meeting will be posted on the SCOPHR web page.



Only members of SCOPHR shall be eligible to vote on issues or matters before SCOPHR. A vote will be taken of all members present at the annual conference.  Except as otherwise specified herein, all votes shall be by simple majority.  Each SDOT shall have one vote and may delegate the vote to be cast on their behalf.  


ARTICLE VI – Ad-hoc Committees and Task Forces

The Committee may establish project related ad-hoc committees and task forces to accomplish objectives which further the entire SCOPHR. The Chair may establish and appoint additional ad-hoc committees and special task forces and their respective team leader(s) as required to address and resolve special needs and issues. All members of SCOPHR are invited to participate on any ad-hoc committees and task forces.  Such groups shall determine the need and frequency to communicate and meet to accomplish the goals they have been assigned to fulfill.  Ad-hoc committees and task forces are accountable to SCOPHR under the direction of the Chair or Vice Chair as assigned.



Maintenance of Committee Records

The AASHTO Liaison shall maintain the SCOPHR membership roster and contact information, and all SCOPHR records, including meeting minutes, strategic plans, and work products.



All SCOPHR notices, announcements and other communications shall be processed and distributed by the AASHTO Liaison.



Submission and Consideration of Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any SCOPHR member and must be submitted in writing to the Chair for consideration and voting at the next annual SCOPHR meeting.  All submissions to amend bylaws must be received by the Chair at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting. The Chair shall request that the AASHTO Liaison distribute copies of any proposed amendments at least 60 days prior to the annual SCOPHR meeting.


Adoption of Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws shall be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of SCOPHR members present and voting.